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Hello Jonathan and Janet, Our folks just loved your music, fun spirit and words of wisdom and preaching.   I know you are a traveling ministry team much like our old Methodist itinerant traveling pastors 150 years ago.  It is good to have a group like you and Janet come to our church and share the love of the Lord through music and message.  We enjoyed all aspects.  It is a welcome break from the usual sermon, choir, handbells and praise team we offer each week.  Thanks for the delightful variety.  I hope your walking gets better from your fall.     You both are amazingly talented and God’s presence and spirit was felt at every service. I wish you both safe travels and a blessing as you continue to minister to local churches across the country. Blessings, Pastor Bob Vale, Osceola United Methodist Church, Osceola, IN
Dear Jonathan, I cannot find words that express my thanks to you and Janet for coming and touching us the way you did. My mind is reeling this morning, yet at the same time I am getting my mind wrapped around the simplicity of becoming “Jesonian.” So many of your words are ringing in my ears this morning. Thank you both for making the ezra effort to come to Paonia and We will cross paths again along the way. Be safe as you travel and teach the Jesus who lives with us this very day!
Peace and Love, Pastor Charles Thompson, Paonia United Methodist Church, Paonia, CO
Thanks again,  Jonathan for including Atonement on your tour schedule.  It was a real treat for the whole congregation to experience your message and the creative way you present it.  It had a prophetic flavor to it, getting us back to what Jesus is all about.  And what. a joy to see you and Janet so “in-sync”.  God’s grace was shining out from you both! Peace my friend – Stay in-Spired! Pastor Scott Lindner, Atonement Lutheran, Wesley Chapel, FL 

Jonathan:  Thank you for your lovely note. You, Janet and Dollie are on my new brother and sisters in Christ list and am so fortunate to do so. Your program and testimony(s) last evening were wonderful and yes, everyone there was blessed. Whether an intimate gathering or a large venue, Cring and Clazzy know how to keep their guests thinking, contemplating, laughing and praising our God and His Son! Enjoy your time in Nashville visiting over the Thanksgiving holidays. Prayers for continued safe travels, continued strength in those knees Richard, and continued strength through the power of our Lord and Savior! Prayers, hugs and comfort, Brenda Haymore, Director of Music, St. Mark United Methodist Church, Knoxville, TN

Dear Jonathan, I hope my short but passionate words to you as we embraced conveyed my deep appreciation of your ministry. I do also appreciate your admiration but here’s the thing. After 33 years of ordained ministry, I could still recognize the work of the Holy Spirit in connecting us and know enough to get out of the Spirit’s way.  I am so glad I did. You lit a fire in our hearts. As of this morning, the President of the Congregation had already read your book and found your observations positively stimulating. The worship leader of our Praise Team, Carolyn Bailey, said it best. At the conclusion of the concert, she whispered “that is one of the best things I have ever been a part of.” She was not wrong. Thank you for your ministry…for your kindness…for reminding me again why I do what I do.  Peace, Mark Schuring, Pastor, Emanuel Lutheran Church, Marion, OH

Jonathan:  I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about you and Janet’s performance on Sunday.  Someone came in to talk to me yesterday and said they were doing evaluations and kept in mind “No one is better than anyone else.”  Thank you for your uplifting music and storytelling.  You are in my prayers as you travel.  Be Safe and God’s Peace,  Terri Koca, Trinity United Methodist Church, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Dear Jonathan and Janet (and Dolly and Jackie!), I want to thank you so much for the experience you invited us into with “SpiriTed: Finding a Message in a World aTwitter.” I had a strong feeling that you would bring to us an opportunity to connect to our spirituality in a way that was totally unique and yet appropriate to our context, who we are. And that is exactly what you provided. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and thank you for doing it in such a generous, professional way. I was moved by your story, I resonated with your thoughts, and I was inspired by your music. And on the less-glamorous but very-important-to-me side, as a part-time pastor I really appreciate Dolly and Jackie’s work in making the process of you coming so easy. By clearly articulating your needs and expectations, we were able to provide a meaningful experience for our folks without a great expenditure of energy on my part – again, another act of amazing generosity. I will keep your ministry in my prayers and  hope you will do the same for us! Jason Fairbanks, First Congregational United Church of Christ, Lake Worth, FL

Dear Jonathan, What a wonderful experience the “Cring & Clazzy” tour is!  I felt renewed and inspired – ready to pick up and pastor my people with a more joyful heart.  My church needed what God did through you and Janet. The music was professional, yet presented with joy and thanksgiving, and your words were gifts of love aimed right at us. Thank you. Grace for the Journey, Rev. Regina B. Hickman   First U.M.C. La Place, LA  

Dear Janet and Jonathan, what a blessing to have had you both at St. Paul’s .I have heard nothing but praises from all the people who attended worship.. I am sorry I could not stay Sunday to tell you that in person. We look forward to having you return again. Aloha …God bless you both, Shirley Halas, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, El Paso, TX

Jonathan, I hope your time with us was worth your while; it certainly was for us.  We wish every blessing on your travels and your ministry and have every confidence that the one who has begun a good work in you will certainly bring it to perfection.  You have no idea how many you reach.  We are blessed to have you and let us know if you are passing through Denver again  Peace, Pastor Todd Payne, King of Glory Lutheran Church, Arvada, CO

Jonathan: Thank you for your email, and for your words and music this weekend.  As I mentioned, I found particularly heartening your story reminding us that the label that defines us first and foremost is Christian – not Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, etc.  As you travel around this great state, I hope you are able to share this message with others.  And, as a fellow co-worker of the Gospel of Christ, I pray for your, along with Janet and Dollie’s, health and safety.  May God continue to bless you, and bless the good work that you are doing,  In His Name, Kurt Billings, St. James Lutheran Church, Verona, Wisconsin

As I ponder the evening first let me say that your graciousness and love for Christ is very apparent! You ministered to those who were present in a wonderful way. I was embarrassed at the turnout and could have used that for an opportunity to chastise the church but I know that is improper! Those who were present told me afterword that they really enjoyed the music and singing! Terry Cook, Pastor, Lexington UMC, Lexington, MO

They are still talking about you two! Thank you so much for bringing God here in a unique and thoughtful way. If ever in our area again, please let us know.  The response was even better than those MN people! Jim Ahlquist, Pastor, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Brookfield, WI

Janet and Jonathon, thank you so much for your “spirited” presence with us on Saturday and Sunday. You were an inspiration to us. May God guide your feet in the path of peace and wholeness. Blessings in Christ Jesus, our Lord, Rev. Pamela Rowley, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, El Paso, TX

Thank you my friend and no that you gave all of us a beautiful gift of love. Your friend always. Bill Deaton, Pastor, Salem United Methodist Church, Fond du Lac, WI

Spirited performed for the first time at our church in February of 2013 for our Ash Wednesday service.  The entire program was excellent and well worth while but when Janet began to play her medley my jaw dropped in awe.  Not only did she play beautifully but it was a complete performance!  Through her instrument Jackie lifted us all to new heights and we could have listened to her for hours. Pastor Gabe Wright, Asbury United Methodist Church, New Port Richey, Fl

Jonathan and Janet, I trust you arrived at your next destination and found some rejuvenating rest. Thank you for sharing a beautifully uplifting message in each worship. I received great feedback about how the Spirit moved hearts and people experienced worship in a new way this weekend. It was a true blessing to see God’s giftedness to you unfold with us as you continue to “spread seed.” It was a pleasure to welcome you and share worship. Thank you too for your kind words. One of my core Christian values is to offer hospitality to all I meet. May God continue to bless you with creative expression of the Gospel, Krysta Deede, Assoc Pastor, Cargill United Methodist Church, Janesville, WI

Good morning Jonathan, Thank you so much for your visit to our church this past Sunday. I have heard many positive remarks on how much people enjoyed it. I would also like to offer you and Janet a personal thank you for providing me with the opportunity to celebrate with my son and not have to worry about what would be happening on Sunday morning. The wedding went well and everyone is still exhausted! Blessings on your travels. Pastor Monty Fox, Cherry Valley United Methodist Church, Cherry Valley, IL

On March 25th Jonathan and Janet brought their Six Words tour to New Spirit Lutheran Church in Tucson, AZ.   The response of the congregation has been nothing less than “oh, when can we have them back?”  The simplicity of the message was woven with amazing music and song.   Both Jonathan and Janet bore out their adopted name, for they are truly spirited in the best sense of the word.  At the end of our Lenten journey this was a refreshing note to end Lent, and to step into the drama of Holy Week. Thank you, Jonathan and Janet!  We have been blest by your brief presence among us.    Pastor Alan Field  New Spirit Lutheran – ELCA Tucson, AZ 

SpiriTed, in the persons of Jonathan Cring and Janet Clazzy led us in worship the Sunday after Easter.  I was looking for a program that would draw people out on this “low” Sunday.  We had a good crowd – and so much more!  Jonathan and Janet filled our sanctuary with music and touched our hearts with their message.  In addition to being delightful, friendly people; they bring a level of professionalism not often encountered, plus their music is just fabulous.  I am an interim here, but from the response we had, I’m sure that this congregation will seek to have SpiriTed back again when possible.  More than one person said to me, “Can’t we just call them as our new pastors?”  This was a great and spiritually uplifting experience for our church. Peter Nichols, Interim Pastor, Friedens UCC, Geronimo, Texas 

Jonathan, So glad you and Janet came! The program was wonderful and everyone who came was blessed for it. May God be with you on your travels and in your great ministry. Blessings, Muriel Morley Jahn, Pastor, St. John’s UCC, Belvidere, IL

Dear Jonathan & Janet, Your presence and presentation were a great blessings to Burlington United Methodist Church. It was a great revival for the church as it affirmed what I have been encouraging members about a relationship with Jesus as faithful disciples. I was enriched by your presentation of the gospel from a different approach to get the message across. I sent walked into the office this morning two ladies praised the whole program and how wonderful it was. As I shared with you yesterday many people came up to me wondering whether you will come back. Thanks for the opportunity of great fellowship and will be more than willing to help make your future visits to Wisconsin welcoming and a blessing. Ebenezer Insor, Sr. Pastor, Burlington United Methodist Church, Burlington, WI

I was thoroughly entertained by SpiriTed. The music and dialog made me think, laugh, cry and wonder about what I believe. Seeing these two perform reminds me of how God touches people and how we can minister to others with our gifts. Judie Strawderman, Interim Pastor, Our Savior Lutheran, Alamogordo, NM 

Jonathan: It was great to have you among us. I appreciated and enjoyed your sharing with us. Please let us know if you ever pass through Terre Haute again. You can take a rain check on that luncheon opportunity, and collect the next time we meet! God’s blessings to you and Janet, and safe travels on the road. David Rockhill, Pastor, Maple Avenue UMC, Terre Haute, IN

Thank you Jonathan I look forward to the day our paths cross again. I heard many people express their pleasure with all three presentations, but especially Sunday evenings performance. If you are ever in the area again, please stop by the church for a cup of coffee or more. Gene Gurley, Pastor, First UMC, Gatesville, Texas

Jonathan & Janet, Kudos to an evening of 1st class entertainment!  Everyone enjoyed it immensely!  Jonathan’s keyboard & vocal skills along with the expertise of Janet’s magic fingers on her WX-5 Wind Machine blew me away!  Very professional and down-to-earth people to work with and I hope we have an opportunity to have them back again! Coleen Christman, Good Shepherd UMC  Fort Wayne, IN

Dear Jonathan: Many thanks to you, Janet and Dollie for being with us at Triumphant this weekend. As I looked around the church at all the smiling faces, I could see how much our people were enjoying your special presentation. I was blessed by attending all three services and was pleased to see the standing ovation! Your voice is beautiful! I loved it when your voice soared to the high notes. I would just close my eyes and enjoy the sweetness of the sound. Janet is amazingly talented and entertaining, with such a variety of sounds. You two make quite a team. May God continue to bless you in your ministries! Your Jesonian Friend, Carol Snyder, Triumphant Lutheran Church, San Antonio, TX  P.S. Also wanted to let you know that we sometimes sing What a Friend We Have in Jesus to The Rose tune. You may have heard some people singing while the two of you were playing. That is what we were singing.

Just returned from a week in Indy for Annual Conference …Thank you, Jonathon! We thoroughly enjoyed your visit with us! Blessings and safe travel to you as you continue your tour. Grace and Peace, Pastor Greg Rittenhouse, Bluffton UMC, Bluffton, IN

The weekend with Spirited was wonderful, blessed, magical, inspiring and everyone at Cypress Trails enjoyed them immensely! And the music was from heaven. George Cathcart, Pastor, Cypress Trails UMC, Cypress, TX

It was a pleasure hosting the Spirited duo for two-nights. Some attended both nights, others one or the other.  All enjoyed wonderful musicianship and Jonathan’s ‘food for thought.’  Jonathan is a gifted vocalist, Janet is quite the oboist, and the wind machine is a fascinating instrumental accompaniment. Their program provided a refreshing mid-week stimulant on hot summer nights.  Blessings on your ministry, Pastor Linda Winkelman, Messiah Lutheran, Galva, Illinois

Jackie….just a quick note – we LOVED SpiriTed….what a wonderful morning & experience.  Jonathan & Janet are a delight to know!! Thank you so much for contacting us – would love to have them back at a later date.  God’s blessings on their ministry….. Sally Dresch, Chair, Board of Deacons, Advent Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas,
The concert at First Congregation United Church Of Christ was the most powerful concert that I have attended in a long time. The message and theme from Jonathan was perfect for what our Church needed. I did not know really what to expect but I was totally in awe by Janet’s playing of the oboe and the wind instrument. I have already inquired about their Christmas concert for this year. I have had at least 10 people talking about their Cd’s and books and what inspiration they drew from them and how reasonable the package was. In the future booking them is a no-brainer. The set-up was easy and the only surprise was the movement of the Holy Spirit, which was abundantly present.  Regards: Joe Akin Worship, Music and Arts ministry team leader, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jonathan,  Thank you so much for taking the time to write! Those who were present for SpiriTed have raved about the service.  I appreciate you for making yourselves available and for being a blessing to Salem while I was at jurisdictional conference. Thank you also for the link to your blog about your Salem experience.  I want to print it in our August newsletter.  God’s sense of humor still catches me off guard from time to time and helps me not to take myself too seriously even as I want to give my best with God’s help and grace.  Blessings as you continue to tour! Pastor Harriet, Salem UMC, Clarksville, TN 

Hi Jonathan,   It was our pleasure to host your performance and to let you know that you both blessed our congregation very much.  Many people left feeling like we just witnessed something unique, “Spirited” and creative.  We also experienced a wonderful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ woven through the tapestry of the presentation.  We hope the offering was a blessing to you both and we pray for your continued success and impact upon the lives of God’s people.  I will certainly pass along your kind words of appreciation. In Christ, Rev. Jeff Long, St. Peter UMC,  Blue Springs, MO

Thank you again for the fabulous service Sunday.  I have had so many good reports and pleas from the church that you must come this way again on your next tour to the west coast.  Sunday was an inspiration to us all; the music was exceptional; the spoken word positive, challenging and to the point; as pastor/preacher I appreciated the contact with the audience in your delivery.  We all went away understanding we are all equal in Jesus’ sight and therefore “No one is better than anyone else.” (That’s in the Bible, too).  Thank You for taking the gifts that God has given you and sharing it with our world. Jonathan and Janet, you are a blessing.  Hope to see you again; Pastor Sam, Windsor Hills Community Church, LA Mesa, CA 

Dear Jonathan, What a wonderful worship time we had together on Palm Sunday… I wanted to share with you what a God filled moment it was… After the first service, and the story you shared about the voice you heard calling out to you in the middle of the night, I thought what a powerful story that I know hit home with a lot of people… I was looking forward to hearing it again the second service… however, when you shared a different story… your story of your son getting hit by a car… I got goose bumps… not just because my heart went out to you… but because I had been working with a young man who has been in and out of jail and trying to get his life back on track… he was like the young lady you mentioned in the first service… his parents had been trying to get him to come to church for years because of the transforming power Jesus Christ would have in his life… but he always found a way to avoid it… most recently when he was in jail.. I went to visit him because his own son had been hit by a car while he was in jail… he felt totally helpless and angry because he couldn’t be there for his son… however… since he got out of jail and is on intensive probation… I have been meeting with him and building a faith-based relationship between us… the good news is he was in church the second worship service on Palm Sunday and heard your story about your son being hit by a car which opened the door for he and I to sit down and talk about his son’s accident as well… we talked about his future.. how he felt.. and who can offer the answer to his anger, frustration and doubt…  we sat together on the steps of the chancel area in the sanctuary and talked, cried and then reaffirmed his willingness to  participate in our Maundy Thursday worship service where we will be doing the Living Dramatization of The Last Supper…  and he will be playing Thomas…  God really does work in marvelous ways… May God continue to bless you and use you as instruments of God’s will…. In God’s Grace, Rev. Bob Holliday   First United Methodist Church of Safford, AZ

What a joy it was to have SpiriTed here with us yesterday.  I have so many memories of the morning.  I especially love how you eloquently reminded us in word and song that we worship Jesus, not Fox news or CNN, not Republican or Democrat.  Our church is facing so many influences that distract us from our task to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this world.  And your message during Sunday School was spot on—what do we do with the fragments of a miracle?  How do we allow God’s miracles all around us to linger?  We may not be able to feed 5000, but we can manage 50 or 100, and before you know it, those 50 or 100 do add up to 5000.  And the remnants of that miracle can go on sustaining us.  Faith is a contagious thing! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Blessings, Tom Stephenson, Friendship UMC,  Porter TX

Thanks for your e-mail and for the great write-up, “A Chili Reception.”  I’ve downloaded your blog and will be placing up on our bulletin board. Thanks for adding us to your tour plans.  What a wonderful time we all had yesterday.  Your love for the Lord, the sharing of your faith and both of yours musical talents are extraordinary.  So many folks came up to me after the worship service to say how much they enjoyed the concert.  I especially appreciated your focus on the joy of our faith, and how we seem to be missing that joy in this great land, the home of the free and the brave.  If ever SpiriTed is in this neck of the woods again, please let us know. We’d love to have both you and Janet back in our sanctuaries to proclaim the good news and share your wonderful musical talents.   Your servant in Christ, Bob Webb, Rose Hill U.M.C., Rose Hill, TX

Hello Jonathan & Janet;    Let me say that your performance was AWESOME! Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed it. Bette, who sat next to me and my wife said you spoke to her heart and she was choking back the tears. Another comment was we should have more of these performances at the church so if you’re in the area, we’d love to have you stop by again. Your words rang so true. What a delight it was to have you both at our little church!

I would also like to thank Janet for her kind words of encouragement to my daughter Ashleigh. I feel she has a future in the arts be it musically or drawing. (She draws Japanese cartooning called anime.)  Her band director has been giving her a hard time lately mostly due to her clarinet being out for repair for several weeks and the clarinet the school let her borrow was a piece of junk. It effected her grade and the director is on her butt about it. Janet’s encouragement gave her a “shot in the arm” so to speak and her attitude has improved. It’s so hard to keep these young people engaged in anything so I thank Janet for her encouragement.

I wish you continued success on your tour and pray that your positive message reaches as many people as possible. Stay safe and may God bless you. Sincerely, Brian Blackburn, Parish Office Administrator, St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church

 Blessings and Peace!   I enjoyed having you and Janet at the church.  I wish more people would have come to share your blessings. Comments that I heard from others: “They were such a blessing and lifted our spirits.”  “I enjoyed it so much the first night that I called  I knew to let them know what they missed and to invite them back on Thursday night.”  “For those who did not come really missed out on a blessing.” Jonathan:  I found your humor refreshing and enjoyed the way you opened up the feeding of the 5000.   God has given you and Janet a great gift!  May God grant you traveling mercies as you share the “Good News.”  Zig Bays, Pastor,  Alva United Methodist Church, Alva, Florida