567 as a special concert event

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You can schedule Cring & Clazzy for an evening of enterspiration with their one-hour event, 567: go tell it from the Mount. There is no fee–just a love offering and a table provided to offer a package of books, CDs and movies–priced at what it costs to make them.

  • Schedule the event with their agent, Jackie Barnett, by calling (615) 481-1474
  • She will put you on the calendar and email you promo and informational materials
  • About a month in advance, we will send color posters to you by “snail mail”
  • Our publicist will contact local media outlets to assist you in publicizing the event
  • Cring & Clazzy will arrive an hour and a half ahead of time for set-up and sound check, which takes about forty minutes total
  • We ask for a couple of able-bodied folks to help carry in equipment
  • We kindly request a green room with a bit of fruit and water for relaxation and preparation ahead of the concert
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy, and at the end of the presentation, pass the plate.

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When music, heart, humor and message join forces, you have an evening of entertainment with great inspiration. 567: go tell it from the Mount is a contemporary look at the universal proclamation of Jesus with current applications—an hour of insight and delight for the entire family.