About Cring & Clazzy

Cring & Clazzy black and whiteThrough a partnership of twenty-one years, Jonathan Richard Cring and Janet Clazzy have merged two distinctive backgrounds to virtually invent their own musical sound, dubbed clazzy: “the spirit of classical with the soul of jazz, pop-minded.”

“In the beginning,” says composer and author Cring, “I was a child of the sixties. I flat-out embraced everything in music–folk, rock, gospel, R&B.”

Cring, enjoying his grand piano

Cring, enjoying his grand piano

Indeed he did. A short list of accomplishments:

  • Winner of the National Quartet Convention in 1972 with his singing group, Soul Purpose
  • Multiple appearances on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry
  • Composer of Broadway-style rock musical, Mountain
  • Opening act for Andre Crouch
  • Composer of 12 symphonies
  • Wrote soundtracks for 13 movies

On the other hand, Janet Clazzy developed through the classical world:

  • Winning Principle Oboe in the Chicago Civic Orchestra
  • Appearing in Carnegie Hall with the Chicago Symphony
  • Performing regularly with the Houston and San Jose Symphonies
  • First female conductor of an orchestra in the state of Tennessee

So how did this partnership happen?

Janet Clazzy shows off the WX5 Wind Machine

Janet Clazzy shows off the WX5 Wind Machine

“We were both living in the same city,” shares Clazzy, “and Jonathan made me an offer I couldn’t refuse–to get wildly creative with music. So we started our own orchestra in Hendersonville, Tennessee, dedicated to the notion of playing original music. I became a conductor, an arranger, and took up the Yamaha WX5 Wind Machine–an amazing horn that gives me 250 different instruments at my fingertips. So now, just like Jonathan, there’s no style of music I don’t play!”

The result? 21 years, 12 CDs, 250,000 miles, 14 national tours–and countless people, enjoying the show.

 Cring & Clazzy – available now.

Call Jackie Barnett, agent, at (615) 481-1474


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