A Musical Greeting                    A Hymn and Her Medley                     Cring & Clazzy

Who What Where When and Why We Are                                           Pastor

The Beckoning

Leader: Good morning to us all

People: We’ve come to heed the call

Leader: And what might that call be?

People: Love one another, you see

Leader: And how shall we begin?

People: Be forgiven of our sin

Leader: Should we pardon the others?

People: Yes, all sisters and brothers

Leader: So why are we here?

People: To escape the pain of fear

Leader: And how will we know?

People: When we see our faith grow

Leader: And can we become one?

All: By placing our faith in the Son.


PoHymn                                    A Sense of Singing                    Cring & Clazzy

(A medley of Amazing Grace, This Is My Father’s World and Lord of the Dance)

An Uncommon Prayer

We pray to Father dear,

Fill our heart with cheer

Let us see our weakness

As we come in gentle meekness

May we understand

The needs across our land

And decide to open our heart

And allow a fresh new start

We have seen the power of truth

We have sensed the living proof

So make your children aware

As we offer this uncommon prayer.

A Childlike Moment for All Time and All Ages Janet Clazzy

A Sensible Word (Matthew 11: 16-20)

In Common

You are God.

We are human.

You made the heavens.

We are of the Earth.

You sent Your son to be human.

We denied His message.

We repent and honor his name.

We believe in each other.

We believe in the church.

We believe that when we gather we are stronger.

We know that when we divide we become weak.

We believe that the Gospel has the power to change lives

Because our lives are changed.

We are not the judge.

We are not the jury.

We are to love one another,

And when our love falls short,

We are to trust You to provide the need.

A Time of Giving                                                       Offering music by Cring & Clazzy

Grateful We Sing

A Pause for Your Cause                                              Pastor

Introduction of Cring & Clazzy

Good News and Better News

A Jesonian Departure

Now we see so much clearer

As we peer into the mirror

Jesus came to be our brother

To teach us love for one another

And remove all our childish whim

As we place our trust in only him

And find the way of truth to life

Escaping all the worldly strife

So it’s time for each of us to depart

Full in soul, mind, strength and heart.